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Scott Wilkowski × Woot Bear's Array of "Wootkowski" Resin Figures for SDCC!

In addition to the previously announced, Ultraman inspired "Micro Solid Wootkosplay" figures (available in light blue and red for $20 each), artist Scott Wilkowski brings back the "Micro Wootkowski" resin figures based on Woot Bear Gallery's mascot! Available very briefly from Woot Bear's SDCC display at Hyperactive Monkey's Booth #5640, there will be singular "Micro GID Infected Wootkowski" figures ($30 ea.), a "Micro All Glow Set" 2-pack consisting of one "Micro Wootkowski Skeleton" & one "Micro Infected Wootkowski" in blue ($45 per set), and a "Micro All Glow Set" 3-pack consisting of "Micro Solid Wootkowski," one "Micro Infected Wootkowski" & "Micro Wootkowski Skeleton" ($60 per set). But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as the above-pictured teaser implies something bigger is in the works…
Something like the below-pictured "Teen Woot Bear" version of the "Wootkowski," standing a massive 3¼-inches tall and cast in opaque glow-in-the-dark colors! Making their debut at SDCC, these $45 apiece gems — alongside the other Wilkowski works — will be available on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 from 12-1pm Pacific time at Hyperactive Monkey's Booth #5640, with any remaining stock being available at WootBear.com at 3pm that day.

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