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Ink Visual Once Again Customizes Brandt Peters's "The Night King!"

Rob Ramirez, who uses artist alias Ink Visuals, reveals his second hand-painted rendition of the Brandt Peters designed "The Night King" vinyl figure, titled "Day Dream" this time around it is the counterpart to his previous "Night Shade" piece. While some might view a color inversion like this to be a less creative outing, it is actually quite the impressive challenge of one's skills to not only replicate a pattern so pristinely but to shift the tonal scheme from dark to light. The 8-inch tall piece has been slightly modified with gold-dyed leather straps around the wing joints and Swarovski crystals next to the eyes, with the cartoonish nature of Peters's base figure being the perfect juxtaposition to Ramirez's almost nightmarishly good embellishments. Available today (July 20th, 2016) at 6:30pm Pacific time in Ramirez's online shop for $250, this one-of-a-kind piece really exemplifies what this artist is capable of bringing to his art toy customs.

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