Are you part of Argonaut Resins's NYCC Guest Artists Custom Jam?

For this year's New York Comic Con (Oct 6-9), Eric Nocella Diaz has decided to open up his Argonaut Resins creations to the customization of various artists. There will be only 15 artists exhibited in this "Guest Artists Custom Jam," with only the initial 11 being announced so far: Angella Powell, Andy Heng (ToysREvil), Rich Page (UME Toys), Cash Cannon, Playful Gorilla, LaurAlvarez, Kay Love, Chauskoskis, Laura Budney, Calvin Grace, and Kris Dulfer. Who has the final four slots? It's unclear but it seems that these places haven't been finalized yet. If you feel up to the task of customizing an Argonaut Resins beast, then drop an email to argonautresins [at] gmail [dot] com to make your interest known.

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