Splurrt's "Puppoo" & "Serpent Sata" from Lulubell are Available Now!

Joe Merrill, aka Splurrt, offers forth a duo of dynamite releases: the 2nd release of "Puppoo" and "Serpent Sata!" Both available right now in the Lulubell's online shop, these soft vinyl figures are accentuated with vintage-style purple, red, and yellow sprays from the artist himself. The roughly 4-inch tall "Serpent Sata" gains its name from a spell from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, one that was meant to enable the mummified speaker to transform into a snake, an ideal form for traversing the afterlife. If this $55 hand-painted Ancient Egyptian corpse with Khat, or Afnet, headdress doesn't tickle your fancy, then maybe the 3-inch tall evil unchi character "Puppoo" will! Inspired by having to clean up his own dog's bowel movements (pup + poo), these mutant creatures are only $35 apiece and each is unique due the placement of the spotting patterns! If either (or both) have caught your interest, then rush over HERE before they disappear forever.

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