RESTORE's "CollectLister" Available Now by Lottery from PopSoda, Lulubell & Mintyfresh!

If you missed the release of the first villain figure in Restore's Neo Japan line, "CollectLister," then this is fantastic news for you… Three different retailers will be holding drawings, those lucky enough to be selected given the chance to buy one of the handful of pieces from the edition made available through them. So what are the details behind you scoring this roughly 8-inch tall soft vinyl figure with a trap within its own chest, housing the "Pheromone Toy" that seduces collectors to it? All three retailers will accept applications through August 12th, 2016, with shipping to happen in September, and where you live in the world determines which store you should contact:

  • For those residing in an Asian country: contact collect [at] popsoda [dot] jp, winning entrants will be expected to pay ¥9720 (including tax) plus ¥500 for shipping.
  • For those residing in North America: contact amy [at] lulubelltoys [dot] com, winning entrants will be expected to pay $100 plus any applicable tax and shipping.
  • And for those residing in Europe: contact info [at] mintyflesh [dot] eu, winning entrants will be expected to pay €134,95 (includes 21% TAX).

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