Eric So tackles Go Nagai's "Mazinger Z" in a "Devilman Edition"?!? Oh, yes!!!

We've been dying to see one of artist Eric So's interpretations of Go Nagai's classic "Mazinger Z" (マジンガーZ) mecha ever since we announced it, and now we finally can! Produced by Unbox Industries in association with Thai company Kingdom Come Studyo, this version of the 18½-inch tall, officially licensed piece is cast in purple vinyl with red accents to create an edition inspired by the colors of one of Nagai's other iconic creations, Devilman. This "Devilman Edition" of the foot-and-a-half creation was initially offered exclusively at Thailand ComiCon, immediately selling out, but a very small allocation were reserved for online sale. Available on August 30th, 2016 from Unbox's online shop, this $388 brawny figure has two points of articulation (the arms) and both the UFO & winged jetpack are removable.

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