Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura's "Poopicorn + Rider" Resin Set Available Now!

The indomitable duo of Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura are back again, this time unveiling their interpretation of the unicorn: the "Poopicorn!" Giving a sly backwards glance, the 6 × 2 × 4¾ inch beast is eyeing a pellet of its own, um, well… you know. Of course the little girl character, the "Rider," not only is attired in a unicorn costume but she's holding one of those ball-shaped feces. Limited to 25 pieces in the more traditional white color, these is also a dark-hued "Evil Poopicorn" that is limited to only 10 pieces! Both of these versions are available right now in the myswitcheroo online shop for $90 per set.

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