Rotten Studio's Rambo Rendition of LeeeeeeToy’s Amazing "Earthly" Figure!

Transforming LeeeeeeToy's "Earthly" vinyl figure into the likeness of troubled Vietnam veteran Rambo, the titular star from the film franchise, is the seventh customized rendition of the character to be released. This time hand-painted by Mexican artist Jorge Fortiz Mendieta, also known as Rotten Studio, the 8½-inch tall has a flesh-toned body, metallic butterfly-shaped hands, and camouflage fatigues topped with the character's leafy protection over its privates. Even the iconic red bandana, a real cloth accent, is present on the piece's cherub-faced, removeable head, covering a military-colored military hood. Our understanding is that two works have been created in this likeness but that only one is available for sale, which is currently being offered from the Rotten Studio online shop for $120.

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