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Double Trouble‘s Brewing Today! Missmonster‘s “Mig” & “Erebus” Art Figures!

Missmonster, known to her loyal patrons as Melita Curphy, continues to reveal her newest artist series: 1/6th scale action figures that she has sculpted new heads, hands, and feet for. Casting these new elements in resin, she's hand-painted the self-produced pieces and made impeccably curated clothing selections to transform these once common plastic pieces into unique works of art. Having previously released “Fig” & “Zig” (HERE) as well as “Tig” (HERE), all of which were acquired by art collectors almost immediately, Curphy adds the above pictured “Mig” to her oeuvre. Standing next to the 12-inch tall “Mig” is Curphy’s collaboration with Remjie Malham, which is titled “Erebus” after the Greek’s name for the primordial deity of darkness. Malham sculpted the face, feet, and hands of the figure, as well as the posable armature it is built upon, before Curphy hand-painted and modified them further. Both of these works will be available today (June 8th, 2015) in Curphy's online shop at an unspecified time, though we suspect it will be 1PM Pacific time based on past experiences.

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