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Donald Duck Takes One Mean Selfie… Fidia Falaschetti‘s “Donald F***” Sculpture!

While many contemporary artist have explored the very specific avenue of Disney parodies, the neo-pop art “Freaky Mouse” sculptural work — which debuted last year — rapidly became one of the most iconic and memorable, mingling an irreverent interpretation of the mascot with a surrealistic sensibility of body construction. Created by Fidia Falaschetti, who self-produced the piece, the Italian artist has now teased the above picture depicting a piece he‘s titled “Donald F***.” While little is known about the future of this work at this time, I quite love the selfie taking element… especially since the modified Apple logo serves as a reminder within Disney’s cannon for the infamous poisoned fruit that Snow White took a single bite from. A wonderfully witty exploration of modern culture by delving into one of the franchise that have become an institution for us!

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