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H.R. Giger would be proud… CreatureKits's biomechanical "speciMan, Stage 1" nightmarish aliens unleashed!

While referencing the recently departed H.R. Giger might seem crass, for those that follow the artwork of Josh "CreatureKits" Hardie know just how much Giger influenced him. Pictured above is Hardie's newest creation, "speciMan, Stage 1" — a hand-cast resin and painted edition of 18 pieces, each standing 2½-inches tall in length (4-inch total height with the included glass vial and cork). A lovely alien creature in it's most early of life stages… which, of course, means we'll hopefully get to see the little bugger grow up! I think, Giger would be proud of his passed legacy to Hardie. These "speciMan" pieces are available now in the CreatureKits online shop for only $36 apiece!

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