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REVEALED: Kidrobot's 2014 "Dunny: The Art of War" series with Huck Gee, Frank Kozik & more!

Kidrobot have revealed the above vectorized design sheet for the upcoming Dunny: The Art of War 2014 series… and only after a couple of teasers (HERE and http://www.spankystokes.com/2014/05/more-teasers-for-kidrobots-new-dunny.html). Oh wait, that Huck Gee designed Dunny they already revealed isn't pictured, so we can guess there's more to come! Several of the previously seen ones are pictured above — ilovedust's biker, Igor Ventura's nerd with lightsabre, kaNO's Attila the Hun, and DrilOne's drone pilot Dunnys — but there are a lot of new ones we can probably identify correctly too! At the very top-left, that's definitely a Sergio Mancini design for the drunken Russian, which is followed by ilovedust's piece and then a Colus version of a bird of prey (!!!) and Napoleon himself, though the design doesn't give away the artist on that one. Those colorful knights (second and third rows) have to be the work of Patricio Oliver and, at the beginning of the last row, that's definitely a Sam Fout designed spy. Think you know any of the others (or think that I'm wrong on one of the above), please comment below… We probably won't know for sure until just before the June release date, so let the fun begin!

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