PJ Constable's "Bondo the Cave Ape" Amazing Custom Android!

Some customizers are able to visualize new and interesting ways in which to convert a platform, much like wünderkind PJ Constable has done here! Titled "Bondo the Cave Ape," Constable transformed the body of an Android figure into a cave while building onto the head of the platform a fully realized ape figure… with it's own set of articulated arms! The ape, of course, fits snugly into the cave, with his little feet visible through the holes in the cave wall. It's an absolutely superb piece by an artist that continues to get better and better with each and every creation. Alas, this was a commission piece, but this just shows you how much you need to get on Constables commission list! Contact him now as he might have some slots available for the Summer.

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