The Loz Boz's Custom Dunnys for Vinyl Attack's Invasion Series!

Haus of Boz, also known as The Loz Boz, delivers two wonderfully cute customs for the previously announced custom blind box series "The Invasion" from Vinyl Attack. And, as she is wont to do, our dear Ms. Boz created a magnificent backstory for the duo:
Pip the Invader, always a bit too eager, got a little ahead of himself and flew the gyro copter in too early, crash landing in the landscape gardens of Sir Reginald Chapwood's manor. Sir Reginald is a pretty stiff old gent, and as soon as he saw the damage Pip had done to his prize winning begonias, he donned his now antique, hardwood armour from his younger days as a Resistance trooper, and headed out to the garden, to give that Pip fellow a damn good thrashing. Blimey!
This 3-inch custom Dunny series is set to drop on June 15th, 2013. Sold blind box style, fans will have to cross their fingers that they get both these pieces, to keep the pair forever together.

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