Don P's custom Dunnys for ToyKick's "Fresh Batch" blind box series!

With a total of six customs, created for the previously announced "Fresh Batch" custom Dunny series, Don P's "Monkey Business" pieces are a stunning mixture of his ape-centric work of late as well as a bit of Scarface-esqe mafioso tom-foolery. Each of these pieces is uniquely different from the others, though there are two main variations in color obviously. With still no word on pricing or a release date for the ToyKick organized series, we do know that these blind box customs will be packaged in a metal tin with a Dunny shaped cookie cutter and they will be available HERE when released. Out of the 13 artists in the series, the disclosed ones at this point are: NikeJerk, Kevin Gosselin, Sekure D, Roar With Lukas, Ian Chapman, Task One, Gomi, Avatar666, Grimsheep, Nerviswr3k, and Don P.

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