Circus Posterus's GID Mini Greeter Skelve Releasing This Friday!

Following weeks of teasers across Circus Posterus and Brandt Peters's Instagram accounts, CP's GID Mini Greeter will finally be unleashed onto the unsuspecting public this Friday, February 22 via the Circus web store! To keep the spirit of a true ghost hunt, the 5-inch figures will release in small batches at random points in the day for $65 each. Sculpted by Shinbone Creative's Scott Wetterschneider, the glow-in-the-dark resin Greeter is the first of a number of characters from CP's forthcoming Wandering Misfits miniseries in conjunction with toy retailer Cardboard Spaceship. While the characters in that series will be vinyl, Circus Posterus also plans to drop a handful of the figures in larger resin formats, like this fella. A shared edition of 120 pieces, Cardboard Spaceship will also be selling their allotment of the resin Greeter in the next few days, so keep tabs on their site for release announcements!

(with info from the CP blog)

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