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Ian Ziobrowski's custom Dunny isn't clownin' around!

Wow, that is one scary ass lookin' clown that Ian Ziobrowski's got goin' on there. "Rusty the Clown" is a customized 8" dunny and Ziobrowski really outdid himself here; great concept, amazing execution, and a terror to those afraid of clowns everywhere. This belligerent jokester is juggling broken beer bottles and, whoops, he appears to have dropped one… one that wasn't empty?
The sculpting on the base of the ears, the nose, the ears, and the neck collar are so smooth that it hurts, but it's the paint job that puts this over-the-top. The tonality of color, the depth, the detailing… absolutely insane. My only complaint, if it can be called that, is that the wire holding the bottles in the air is very visible; some form of clear plastic would have been preferable. But, c'mon, in the end… it doesn't really matter; completely amazing custom.

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