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Josh Mayhem's "Buggz the Toxic Bunny" now at Tenacious Toys!

We first mentioned Josh Mayhem's Askew Rangers series a while back and, since then, it has continued to grow… a line of elite fighters and, well, custom figures. The newest edition to the series is Buggz the Toxic Bunny. Mayhem's line control with paint is fantastic; I'm sure he tapes it off, but still… very slick looking. And I like that he throws some splatters in there to make it a little less pristine looking, which is a good call when you're dealing with war based designs. All the gear looks like it is customized pieces of a paintball gun, but I love some of the details Mayhem added, like:
The griminess, the leaking biohazard containers, the poison pill backpack, all of it just flows perfectly. Buggz, like all the Askew Rangers, is available for sale at Tenacious Toys; though this 15" bunny will set you back $300.

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