Don't forget MAD's MAD*L, just embrace his Modern Hero… on Kickstarter?!?

Jeremy "MAD" Madl has been working on the above shown design, a platform called "Modern Hero," for a while… in fact, we posted some teaser pics months ago. And now it appears he's considering self-releasing the toy in — what sounds like — a professional rotocast vinyl run… but he needs your help and feedback:

So I recently posted up the design for a Modern Hero figure that's been under "reveiw" [sic] for a while. I'm basically tired of waiting and wanting to make a big push for the Modern Hero character/ brand this year.
I had lots of feedback from the image, and a lot of suggestions to take it to Kickstarter. I'll be honest I'm on the fence about the whole KS concept, but am open to learning more about it. I guess I'm just looking to discuss the pro's & cons from collectors...
So MAD wants to know your opinion on using Kickstarter to finance the self-release of this figure. General discussion seems to be leaning towards there being a variety of colorways at different tier levels with various limitation amounts. How much would you pay for one of these guys? What should the various reward tiers be? Should this even be on Kickstarter?
Want to join the conversation? It's happening right now over on Trampt HERE, but you do have to Join Trampt in order to participate. Get on it, folks… I want to see Modern Hero come about!

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