Tag Bombing the Hell outta a… Munny?!? Hoakser tells us more

We've all seen it, an old abandoning building that stinks of urine and is covered with graffiti tags. Sure, it can be unsightly and perhaps even an eyesore; but there is a world of difference between the person who throws-up a complex tag and someone who just scrawls out "Gina is a bitch." The difference, of course, being artistic merit; often forgotten in this age of "graffiti art" is the only art done with graffiti. Well, Hoakser wants everyone to remember that tagging (or even tag bombing) isn't always straight-up vandalism. He's taken the canvas of a mini Munny and covered it in spray writing of varying complexities; entitled "Abandoned," it is the artistic equivalent of that abandoned building… minus the pee smell, I hope.

This Munny comes complete with a matching mini canvas and the set will be going up for sale in Hoakser's eBay account later this week. Starting price? 99p. Very reasonable for a piece of art, if you ask me.

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