Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbows, Ugly Unicorns, and Cupcakes?!? Rampage Toys goes nuts

Have you ever looked at kaiju and felt that it was the vinyl equivalent of two epileptics making sweet love during an earthquake; too disturbing not to stare at, but strange enough that you're not sure you really wanted to see it in the first place? Don't worry, that's pretty much the natural reaction… and — I think — the intended one as well. I mean, check out Rampage Toys's Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbow Ugly Unicorns (pictured above). Yup, little horrors to adorn your shelves. But, alas, there will be a lot of shelves deprived of these ugly beauties, for hand-painted version is only being released in an edition of 20 copies ($42 each). But wait, you have some paint! Then grab the blank GID Ugly Unicorn (one-week open edition at $28 each) and get to work making it all 'pretty' yourself!

But wait, what's that? Cupcakes?!? Yes, it seems Jon of Rampage's friend Aya (aka Refreshment Toys / RFM Factory) sent him 10 Cuppies to decorate. So Jon went to town on them, coating 'em in a healthy dose of sprays, a bit of the ol' stencil work, and then some gouache brush-paint to finish for effect. Half of the end product went right back to Aya, but Jon kept 5 to sell in the Rampage Toys shop for a measly $40 each.

You can grab all this sweet swag at the Rampage Toys Webstore (http://rampagetoysandart.bigcartel.com/) starting Friday morning.

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