RunDMB Most Wanted 3 Dunny Teaser...

Most Wanted 3 will officially be released this coming April but a small pre-order is coming this Friday and a fresh teaser is being shown exclusively here for the first time! This will be RunDMB first time in a Most Wanted series but based off his previous fresh designs his Dunny will definitely be highly sought after! Your guess is as good as mine on what this figure will officially be, but the skull and angel wings bat is definitely a sign that it's off to a good start! If you look closely at the top right Dunny in the photo, you can see a little more of what this Dunny will look like... The last pre-order for Most Wanted 3 will be this Friday, February 10th at Noon PST and each blind will cost $80 plus shipping and available for purchase HERE! Don't fret if you miss out this time though as only a few are being released. The main release is targeted for a date sometime in April. Good luck! And to the left is an image of a previous custom Dunny RunDMB did for a Cat themed set. I loved this one and am sure I will love the bat wielding one that is to come!

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