Who You Gonna Call... Farfalla...

When there is something strange... In your neighborhood... Who you going to call? "FARFALLA!" Well I would say only call on this beast of a custom if you are having a mad robot roam around your neighborhood. But since you never know when that may happen you may want to air on the safe side and pick up this unique custom from BowoBaghaskara. Using a Molly figure by Kenny Wong as the base of "Farfalla", BowoBaghaskara has created this unique mad robot killing machine. You can even see this custom keeps trophies from the mad robots it has taken down. Don't let the sweet young lady on top fool you, she's a trained hunter and sniper and means business. I definitely love the uniqueness of this figure and will be interesting to see what BowoBaghaskara comes up with next!

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