I ♥ Munny Sneak Peak From Miss Zukie

Alison aka Miss Zukie is giving us a sneak peak at her take on Valentine's Day for the "I ♥ Munny" show at The Rusted Nail Gallery. Her piece is titled "Would You Be My Valentine?" Using a Munny base along with some sculpey, cardboard, wire and hobby grass this little creation is out searching for someone to give his heart and heart shaped balloon to. I really like the cuteness factor on this piece with his crazy teeth and the simplicity of his outfit with the beautiful colors. Excellent job Miss Zukie! It will definitely be fun to see a bunch of different artists takes and views on love and Valentine's Day. "Would You Be My Valentine?" will be available for sale when the "I ♥ Munny" show opens at The Rusted Nail Gallery starting Friday, February 10th.

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