3A Is Ready For Mounting...

Can you imagine what a sight this would be on your walls? Keithing has just finished up his take on a 3a Bothead and it is a massive animal waiting to be mounted on your wall! Made using real elk antlers and a 3a Bothead this awesome piece is a combination of half animal and half 3a goodness. When I first saw this piece it took me some time to fully comprehend how amazing it really is. This isn't just for your wall though, and if you decide you have the room, can display it on any flat surface like a desk or coffee table. You just have to make sure you have 36" of extra room but for what I feel is an amazing price of $649 it is well worth losing that space and it is limited to only 6 being made!

And Keithing didn't stop there. Although my preference is toward the Bothead, he came up with a fresh take on the 8" Dunny by combining vinyl and animal to create an 8" "Hunter Dunny." An edition size of 6, each one is hand carved, painted in acrylic and comes with a 7.5" tall weapon. These "Hunter Dunnys" will retail for $375 each. Both customs are dropping TODAY at 1pm EST. If you would like to purchase the "3a Bothead" click HERE. If you would like to purchase the "Hunter Dunny" click HERE.

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