Phlegm's "Civilisation" screenprint is massive, maddening & a must own!

Remember a while back we showed you this absolutely gorgeous print by Phlegm? "Civilisation" ended up being a two-color masterpiece silk-screened on 280gsm Rives tan paper. What's 280gsm, you ask? It's a British paper weight measurement and it is equivalent to a little heavier weight than an index card playing card… Yup, this piece is going to have some weight to it! And some length; the width is roughly 14.5" and the length is… just shy of 44" long — or just shy of 4 feet long, if you prefer!

There are only going to be 107 copies of the print made available, with a limit of one per person. They'll cost £100 (approx. $160US) and go on-sale Monday, February 27th at an undisclosed time. The direct link to the sale page is HERE.

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