Ritzy Periwinkle's submission for "Eat Your Art Out V: Carnival After Dark!" - Opening 2/25/2012

The fifth installment of the amazing Eat Your Art Out silent art auction to help the Angel City Roller Derby Girls out is close to launch seeing as it's going down this Saturday, February 25th starting at 7PM at Titmouse Inc., and today with the theme "1900’s traveling carnival" in mind, Ritzy Periwinkle shares with us her submission. A freakish set of conjoined twins, Ritzy dazzles us with her usual color pallet... and you just gotta love that it's on a wood panel! When asked about her inspiration behind the piece, Ritzy tells us "They gave us the theme and I immediately thought of conjoined twins (not so politically correct, known back in the days, as Siamese Twins) I'm freaked out about identical twins. Always have been. My grandma on my mom's side is a twin but her twin died when they were young. So far, no one in are huge family has had twins but I always thought it would be my luck if I ever decide to have kids, that I'll have twins. So anyways, I decided to do my interpretation of conjoined twins in the 1920's traveling carnival side show. I had fun creating this piece. So there's my story and I'm sticking to it." I really do dig this piece alot, as it reminds me of those old Diane Arbus photographs... creepy cool! Be sure to head on out to see this piece, as well as many others in person!

Titmouse Inc.
1121 Seward Street
Hollywood, CA 90038

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