Hoakser's "Derelict Rooz" was abandoned… and defiled!

Perhaps you recall us reviewing Hoakser's "Abandoned Mini-Munny" not that long ago, well… Hoakser is back and this time it is a poor Rooz that appears to have been brought to a poorly patrolled neighborhood, abandoned for a couple of hours, and — during that time — was tag-bombed to all hell. Entitled the "Derelict Rooz," this continues Hoakser's mixing of graffiti art and customizing art, making a sculptural statement about the nature of art. Plus, you know, it comes with a mini canvas on easel… it doesn't get much more arty than that!

As before, Hoakser has placed the finished piece on eBay with a 99p starting price. Go forth and bid, custom collectors… go forth and bid HERE.

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