Lunabee's Robobees Series 3 is done & ready to go

As reported previously, Cris Rose has crafted some new Robobee Sprogs and Lunabee has skillfully painted a full set for release. This third series of Robobees will only have five custom figures in the set, each retailing for $85. And be ready: they go on sale tomorrow, the 10th of February, at 8PM London time via Lunabee's online store: http://lunabee.bigcartel.com/

And, as usual, Lunabee has written little backstories for each Robobee that are only rivaled in cuteness by the artist herself. These Robobees represent the 'Warriors of the 5 Planes,' a clan of brave and courageous souls who protect the Booshka Kingdoms from all threats (great and small) by working together. There's Leonis the Lion, Ursa the Polar Bear, Fornax the Red Panda, Carina the Pig, and Cetus the Piranha.

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