Blamo Toys wants to give you a Valentine Hug & so much more

Blamo Toys has a light February for releases… at least, for them it is light; which means it is crazy by any normal standards. The new "Valentine Hug" is a wonderfully pink version of the classic character, with his wee brass eyes in his 2" frame. Did we mention they were limited to only 8 copies in hand-printed packaging? Well, they are… and at only $20 a pop that makes them quite the deal. Blamo are also continuing their 1" tall brass necklace figure line with the additions of Swampy and Hug. Both are limited and will set you back $40 each. But maybe brass isn't your thing. Well, in conjunction with the Toy Art Gallery, Blamo has unleashed silver editions of their popular necklace figure line. You can view all five of these silver beauties HERE.

And last but certainly not least: Have you always wanted to own a custom figure by Andrew Bell? Or Kathie Olivas? Maybe Julie West? Or Jon Paul Kaiser? Or perhaps Leecifer suits your fancy? Well, all the remaining custom figures from the Swampy custom show are now 10% off in the Blamo Toys webstore. Get on it, they are all one of a kind!

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