Dalek's Space Monkey is back… as prints!

If you're a fan of the whole street art & graffiti scene, then Dalek's Space Monkey is as iconic a modern image as Banksy's Rat, Shepherd Fairey's Giant face, Invaders's tile design, or Flying Fortress's Teddy Trooper. And to see the Space Monkey resurface, even as limited edition prints, makes a shiver run up my spine. These two 18"x24" prints — sold separately — are each 8 color silkscreens on Coventry Rag paper, limited to a mere 90 signed & numbered copies. Carrying the massively reasonable price tag of $60, you'd be a fool not to order at least one for your wall. And while they don't ship until mid-March, you can pre-order them now in Dalek's web shop.

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