Ashley Wood's 3A x Metal Gear Solid's Rex images!

Several days ago we reported on the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 1/48 scale Rex figure from Ashley Wood's 3A. Alas, images and information were a bit lacking… but we can now fix that with some killer pics! Here's loads of angles from — what I'm guessing is — the unpainted prototype:
I love the soft blue glow of the spotlights and the cockpit interior, which was a previously unknown aspect. But the real question remains: How big is this monster? We were guessing around 2-feet-tall.
Well, the above photo corroborates that it is goliath, but doesn't really convey a true feel of the size. Oh, here's one that does… Hmm, two-feet-tall might've been a bit too conservative a guess… Wow!
The Metal Gear Solid: Rex figure will go on-sale in the Bambaland webstore on March 2nd at 9AM PST for $490.

(Images courtesy of the ESPVisuals blog.)

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