Luke Chueh x Fully Visual's "Jack" is an extremely limited bronze cast cryptid!

Luke Chueh has teamed up with Fully Visual to create an extremely limited bronze cast based on his "Jacked" painting. The piece is of a cryptid Jackalope that has been taxidermied and wall-mounted, with such wonderful little touches as the tongue sticking out, the name plaque of "Jack," and the antlers seemingly affixed by a headband.
Above are some photos of the wax "positives" made for the piece… each bronze cast requiring it's own wax counterpart. The process is seriously time consuming, but these photos show that Fully Visual are up to the task; proving themselves to be the master craftsmen we've come to expect from their previous releases. The finished product will be limited to only seven (7) pieces, set to be released on March 7th (coincidentally, that's Mr. Chueh's birthday as well). No word yet on price, but we imagine it will be several hundred bones (at least).

(Images & information courtesy of Luke Chueh's blog.)

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