Mone's Iron Munny is 4-inches of slick alcoholic Avenger!

Mone's "Iron Munny" is a solidly made custom and with some surely difficult sculpting to create the three-dimensional Iron Man armor suit. The paint job looks overall crisp and clean, a nice consistent two color design… but it does look like the gold bled into the red a bit in areas, which is unfortunate, unless that's just an illusion created by the black highlighting (which I think it might be). And it's a little hard to tell but it looks like the sculpey or paint cracked around the lips, or that could just be the reflection of something in the paint gloss; considering how meticulously put together everything else is, I'll assume it isn't a defect. We're informed this piece is currently available for sale, though we don't know the price; interested parties should contact Mone via his web shop or Facebook page.

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