JFury's custom Mickey Mouse for Play Imaginative's showcase.

JFury continues his reign as king of the clowns… er, make that clown-based customs. Above is his piece for the ongoing Mickey Mouse custom showcase that Play Imaginative is doing… and it is a might fine addition to the talent they already have. The sculpt of the crazy clown hair is spot on, to the point one could mistake it as part of the original platform, and I adore that JFury made his trademark balloon ears 3D as opposed to simply painting them on. His line work, per usual, is solid and fairly flawless, but I must say that something about the blue wash shading on the skin seems off… I think it is the distinct lack of consistency for a singular light source; he's rather created dark spots that seem in-line with having a light source on either side of the figure. But, otherwise, this is top notch!

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