THE THIEF IS BACK! 'El LADRÒN' Unit 13 edition mini from Frank Montano released!

Last time we saw Frank Montano's El Ladròn (the thief), it was a 6" regular sized figure... but now, Frank took this rad design, shrunk it down to just 3" and packed it full of awesome detail in what he is calling the Unit 13 edition! "Exclusively recruited by FeastCorp for his ability to manuever through obstacles and his eye for his target. El Ladròn (the thief) is suited up to lend his skills to Sub1 and the crew of DiamondTroopers. Can they keep up?" This hand painted mini 3" figure is an edition of just 13 hand signed and numbered figures and each comes strapped with a rocket launcher ready to keep his enemies on their toes - or just blow their toes completly off - depending on how he's feeling! Snag one up HERE right now via pre-order for $226.98. (All sales are final. No refunds. Figures will ship in 6-8 weeks.)

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