Marva Toys presents: 'La Muerte Toy Show' group art exhibition!

Marva Toys is super excited to announce the launch of their upcoming show... one that was supposed to take place last November, but instead found it's launch day to be January 21st, 2023... introducing the 'La Muerte Toy Show'! Like mentioned, it was gonna be originally in November due to the festivities in Mexico related the Day of the Dead but due to the delay of some pieces from Asia it had to be delayed to January 2023. The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate and honor those who have already passed away and who are no longer with us. Unlike the rest of the world, Mexico has a different way of seeing death, that is the reason of the November festivities, the offerings, etc., and that is reason it was decided to do this exhibition. In this expo it is intended to show the Day of the Dead festivities and the points of view every different artists has regarding death as well as in their different countries of origin.
Marva Toys will have the participation of 53 artists from different countries such as Mexico, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, the Philippines, France, Italy, Ecuador, Italy, Germany, the United States and Argentina, and here is a list of the participating artists: Bearhands (Mexico), Ninabuxa (Mexico), Velvet (Mexico), Silversun (Mexico), Visoral (Mexico), Mr. Venado (Mexico), Monstritoys (Mexico), Antonio Ponzoña (Mexico), Mr. Leisure (Mexico), Tadzombie (Mexico), Fights Von Darky (Mexico), Deafclown (Mexico), Ariel Grizly (Mexico), Pickled Punk (Mexico), Freaky Weeky (Mexico), Fly Boy (Mexico), Beto Magneto (Mexico), Javú (Mexico), Frank Mysterio (Mexico), Victor Izquierdo (Mexico), Bertrand Charlotte (France), Sweet Potato Toys (Argentina), Moxodon (Germany), The Eye Has Landed (Italy), Gabo Zeta (Ecuador), UrbanCr3atures (Malaysia), Seanlon (Malaysia), Heath Duntz (USA), Michael Chuah (Malaysia), Antonio Bullet Man (Spain), Claygough (Philippines), Steffu (Philippines), Entsong Creations (Philippines), Aki (Philippines), Mankeeboi (Philippines), Wehkid (Philippines), JVM Arts (Philippines), Madmonkey (Philippines), JQS Studios (Philippines), ZTEG Toys (Philippines), Smile Crafts (Philippines), Canstoys (Philippines), Doodlejoe (Philippines), Winvil Studios (Philippines), Joshua Zaldivar (Philippines), Resinworx Customlab (Philippines), Eph (Philippines), Ian Howell Tubig (Philippines), Jon Timbre (Philippines), Wd Ebarle (Philippines), MemaStudioDXB (Union of United Arab Emirates), Mark Barretto (Union of United Arab Emirates), and Marcos Lazcano (Mexico.)
The exhibition will take place at Orizaba 161 gallery in Colonia Roma Norte in Mexico City from January 21 to February 18, 2023. The curatorship is carried out by Marva Toys and the organization and management of the exhibition is in charge of Marva Toys in collaboration with Resinworxs CustomLab of the Philippines as well as the Philippine brands Arucs and DavidUnion. The intention is that this is the first edition of La Muerte Toy Show so this will begin a saga of exhibitions on an annual basis and incorporating new artists and countries.

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