BIG DEL Mad Spraycan Mutant by Big Del x Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys!!!

Released today... MAD MONDAY, August 16th - the awesome new edition to the growing lineup of Mad Spraycan Mutant vinyl figures from artist Jeremy Madl and Martian Toys - this is the "BIG DEL" Mad Spraycan Mutant by graffit artist and illustrator, Bigdelbkk! Big Bad Big Del is here to secure the bag and hit an L on the way to the getaway car. Watch where you step cause he will not hesitate to give a lesson in hard knocks for steppin on the wrong block! Standing 8" tall and featuring 7 points of articulation, an extra pair of swappable shoes and the classic rattle, this edition is limited to 175 pieces and is up for grabs HERE for $90 a pop!

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