New from Mighty Jaxx: XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon by Jason Freeny!

New from Mighty Jaxx and their My Little Pony collection... this one takes a dark turn with the XXRAY Plus treatment of the corrupted Princess Luna – Nightmare Moon! XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon, created by Jason Freeny, is captured in immaculate detail as her semi-translucent dark blue mane flows with glitter, resembling stars in the night sky. Dissected in Freeny’s iconic dissection style, XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon reveals a secret that lies within her heart! Created based on popular vote, XXRAY Plus: Nightmare Moon is depicted laughing maniacally, as though plotting to enshroud your collection in eternal darkness! Are you ready? Standing 8.5" tall, this vinyl figure will be up for pre-order HERE this Saturday, August 21st at 6am PST for $159 a pop!

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