Vinyl Wonder Toy Paint... awesome new paint company for customizers and hobbyists alike!

The day has finally come! 🖌️🎨 VinylWonder.com, the official website for VINYL WONDER Toy Paint is now live and open for pre-orders! Created by James Sizemore aka Wonder Goblin, he sent out some samples for me to try out - BUT - I don't have all my airbrush supplies out so I can't actually try them. That being said, I really wanted to make this video to let you all know they are now available for purchase! The colors available aren't super extensive just yet, since it takes a very long time to create just one color. True vinyl paint that chemically bonds to soft vinyl is very complicated to formulate, and this stuff is the best of the best. James and his formulation chemist have been working hard on R&D for the past 7 months, and will continue to do so until all the colors in their dream arsenal have come to fruition! You can expect a full line of fluorescents, metallics, and even some specialty pigments in the future.

For now, it's Opaque basics - Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. The reason these colors are only available pre-order at the moment is because they're still tweaking the secondary colors. Once all the opaque colors in the lineup have reached their full potential, the paint will officially go into production with the Atlanta factory and orders will be carried out. Also available for pre-order is an airbrush-ready Clear Gloss, Vinyl Thinner that is 30% lower in VOCs than competitor brands, and a Retarding Solvent perfect for slowing down the drying time of brushable paints. So check out the new website, and sign up for the Vinyl Wonder newsletter to get updates when new colors drop!

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