New from Mighty Jaxx - 'Inked Stories: Eve' featuring JPK!

"In the middle of a garden stands a tree bearing the juiciest fruit in all of the world. A serpent slithers towards a woman, wrapping around her and whispering of deceit. She saw that the fruit was good to eat and pleasing to look at, so she took some of the fruit and ate it." The Fall of Man gets a figurative retelling in this collaborative piece by JPK and Mighty Jaxx... introducing 'Inked Stories: Eve'! Taking a two-prong approach in the reimagining, Mighty Jaxx designed and sculpted the Eve figure with the forbidden fruit in hand.

JPK works his magic, referencing her story through a series of full-body tattoos; the birth of man, the breath of life, the sculpting from the rib, the temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Decorated in a traditional tattoo style including apple blossom flowers, fig trees, and maple leaves, relevant to the various stories from Eden. Standing 8" tall and crafted from polystone resin, this will be available HERE for just 24 hours this coming Saturday, July 24th at 6am PST and will retail at $199 a pop - 5 random customers will receive a signed piece by JPK!

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