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"Zuri" & "Skullstronaut" from BLAMO Toys get the ceramic treatment!

BLAMO Toys is excited to introduce their newest Ceramic and Leather creatures, Zuri and Skullstronaut. They are hand cast in a creamy white ceramic with natural canvas and leather bodies. The all new Ceramic Skullstronaut recently touched down in Blamoville to refuel and is ready to blast off on the next adventure. Clad in natural tones with a creamy white space suit and ceramic head, hands and moon boots, this new addition is a ray of light! This stands 12.5" tall, comes in a custom printed box and is 100% handmade to order. Snag one up HERE for $370!

Zuri's visionary’s heritage encompasses a wide range of circus performers. Her father’s family comes from famous puppeteers, dating back to before, before, before….. On her mother’s side are a lineage of well known story tellers, orally passing the folklore and history of her faceted faced family from generation to generation. Zuri measures approximately 11” from head to toe and is 100% handmade to order. Snag one up HERE for $339 a pop!

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