Mighty Jaxx presents: A Wood Awakening Chill-Out: Porcelain (Gold Chrome Edition) By Juce Gace!

Everybody’s favorite puppet boy takes on a new and decorative approach with the striking A Wood Awakening Chill-Out: Porcelain by Juce Gace (Gold Chrome Edition). Produced by Mighty Jaxx, this is made from premium porcelain and electroplated in a stunning chrome gold, A Wood Awakening greets us with a golden luster. Capturing the details we know and love from the iconic piece, join the chill-out on his porcelain pillow finished in white with gold trimmings. Contemporary in style but losing none of his cheekiness. Sitting at attention and measuring 8" tall, this art toy is releasing HERE as a 24-hour timed release this coming Saturday, July 31st, this kicks off at 6am PST and will retail for $299 a pop!

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