"The Heisenberg" Quiccs X Czee Battle Damaged Canbot dropping at Tenacious Toys!

Tenacious Toys is cooking up a batch of mind-altering substances with the help of Clutter, Czee, and Quiccs! Introducing the "The Heisenberg" Quiccs X Czee Battle Damaged Canbot... this vinyl figure stands 5.5" tall and is based on the 3oz Battle Damaged Lil Qwiky design. With only 200 units available, you're going to need some speed to catch the rattle from this can! Heisenbergs are $85 each, to be found exclusively at Tenacious Toys on their Clutter or Quiccs collection pages. This drop will take place at 9am PST this Monday, May 24th with a limit of one per customer on drop day. US customers who purchase the Heisenberg along with the Clockwork Orange Formula Canbot will get free US shipping.

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