Ko-Re Ko-Re x Angry Hedgehog - Gromp "Nightmare" edition release announced!

Inspired by a sketch posted on Instagram, Ko-Re Ko-Re and Sam Costidell aka Angry Hedgehog have teamed up to release Gromp! "Sometimes they’re hungry. Sometimes they’re mad. Sometimes they’ve just had a bad day. But you know when you see a Gromp, you’d better prepare yourself!" Crafted in soft vinyl and made up of 4 pieces, Gromp stands just over 5" talll and his reach is nearly the same. The debut colorway is called ‘Nightmare’, based on purple vinyl, with midnight purple paint fades and pink and silver accents. You can purchase this first edition of Gromp at the Ko-Re Ko-Re webstore HERE on Tuesday, May 25th at 7am PST for £45($63) a pop!

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