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Skye Gallery presents: 'New Friends' a solo exhibition by Spencer Hansen!

Skye Gallery Aspen is excited to announce the opening of New Friends, the newest exhibition by Spencer Hansen (of Blamo fame)... which opened on Saturday January 9, 2021. New Friends will be on view until February 21, 2021... and if you all recall, this isn't Spencer's first time exhibiting at this gallery - this is his third solo exhibition - and this time, it's been a bit different! Forced to be away from human friends, artist Spencer Hansen spent the last year preparing for his third solo show at Skye Gallery by making New Friends. He resolved to use the tumultuous time to dive deeper and push further into his creative landscape. He shared the outcome of his experience: “I made friends by making New Friends.” - yes he did, and look at all of them!

New Friends is an eclectic collection of materials assembled to create a multi-dimensional interspecies cast of characters. A palette of repurposed materials melded with an intentional expression of duality; soft fur with hammered brass, ridged textures with delicate ceramic, all express the colorful emotions of the characters. The collection welcomes us into an unknown world inhabited by wobbly four-legged friends, hugging loving fluffernutters, faceted space monkeys, and other oddly familiar yet friendly foreign creatures. Head on over HERE right now to see this impressive collection of wild creations!

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