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Strangecat Toys presents: "Misappropriated Icon 6: EAT UP!" a Zard Apuya solo show!

Artist Zard Apuya has been busy in the kitchen (studio) cooking (painting) some new pieces and now it’s time to EAT UP! Teaming up with the folks over at Strangecat Toys for their 6th installment of their 'Misappropriated Icon 6' show series, which features customized Kaws bootleg vinyl figures... they decided to focus on Zard's work and launched this show as a solo show featuring a bunch of one-off customized Kaws figures in the way we have known and love from Zard... wonderful and delicious looking food-centric customs! Titled "Misappropriated Icon 6: EAT UP!", this show goes deep down the rabbit hole of what can be done with vinyl toys, and really brings us back to the time of when Motorbot ruled the custom food-themed designer toy world... but passing the torch, so to say, Zard is carrying it brightly lit with a ton of pieces that feature themes such as cereal, with his "Boo Berry", "Count Chocula", "Franken Berry", and more... as well as soups "Pho", "Ramen", and others... and he even went and sliced up the Companion and turned him into a "Charcuterie Board" - sooo fantastic! This show kicks off HERE on Saturday, April 1st at 9am 11am PST online - so don't miss out!

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