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Onsite Recap: Woot Bear's Roman Banquet!

Yesterday was the opening of an amazing feast at Woot Bear! The Roman Banquet opened with a queue of "hungry" fans, waiting to get some refreshments.

I'm not kidding about the queue - folks were lining up at 5 pm to start making purchases, a whole hour before the show opened. The eager fans were treated to some delicious homemade cookies and chocolates by Ms Korena, and when the queue to purchase opened, many pieces sold right away.

The realism and texture of some of these pieces brought to mind the imitation food that many Japanese restaurants have in their window frames. Imitation food is meant to entice and delight the viewer, and these pieces did the same.

Many artists were in attendance, including Big C, FogandString, Jerome Lu, Zebulon, RawrzToys, and others! It was a good opportunity to catch up with folks and mingle. The diversity of the group also allowed many fans to see their existing favorite artists, and find out about new ones! For example, it was a treat for YummyWorld fans to get a chance to pick up an original, handmade piece by Heidi Kenney! I don't see her pieces often in SF art shows. Speaking of pick-ups, Roman Banquet is online now! You can get your very own delicious meal item here. Thanks Woot Bear for another amazing show! And stay tuned for future releases... rumor is that there may be a dumpling coming by Scott Wilkowski!

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