Motley Miscreations's "The Eat3r Bunny" Resin Monstrosity!

While you might've been introduced to Brandon's work back when he used the BroBots Toys alias, we feel his designs like "King Creepy" feel more appropriately associated with his newer name of Motley Miscreations. And even though this new "Eat3r Bunny" creation has some robotic elements, it also has some grotesque kaiju and eerie undead elements that make it a motley miscreation indeed! A magnificent 8-inch tall beast, these resin cast form features three points of magnetic articulation in the arms and the head. In fact, should it prove popular enough, Brandon's already teasing the possibility of "making arm and head variants that you'll be able to swap onto his body, things like tentacle arms or an eel or sloth head". Having made its debut at the recent Emerald City Comic Con, a variety of so-called "Easter colored" versions have been made available just before the weekend in the Motley Miscreations' online shop for $65 apiece. And while the artist is open special casting requests for this beast, it'll be several weeks before he has a chance to do any…

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