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Axel the Axolotl by Sage Creations!

Alan M, an artist who goes by Sage_create22 on Instagram, has been hard at work crafting up a very cool creation... all centered around his love for Axolotls - introducing Axel! Alan mentions "I want to focus my illustrations on these lovely creatures called Axolotls because I have a love for these animals and what they are capable of doing. Axolotls are from Mexico and are called Mexican Salamanders as well. Their most amazing abilities are body part regeneration, they can regenerate almost any part of their body including the brain and heart. These are unique animals and I want to put awareness to them so I have put my passion for art and design into merch I can share to the world." A very cool creature to turn into a rad looking character, that's for sure.

As for right now, Axel stands 13 cm or 5" tall including his horns... and was created from polymer clay and then molded and cast in resin... and the final is the painted version you see, a skeleton warrior who has a massive sword strapped to his back. A very cool interpretation of this creature that we have seen made into designer toys before, but this one is definitely different. Alan has a ton of cool merch in his online store HERE and plans to take Axel into vinyl very soon... so stay tuned - that being said, and wanna know more... hit up his website HERE and Instagram HERE for all the juicy details!

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